Our Mission

Since 2013, we help dogs in need all over Europe. We rescue, foster and care for our dogs until they can be safely rehomed, no matter how long it takes.


Our daily responsibilities include taking care of transportation and documentation formalities; interviewing prospective adoptants and carrying out home-checks; creating adoption posts and sharing them on different social media, newspapers and websites; making sure our doggies are responsibly fostered or adopted with adoption follow up.


Most importantly, we constantly liaise with our foreign partners in several languages and run fundraising events to sustain our volunteer work so we can grant our dogs the best medical care possible, good food and pay for extra rescue related costs.


Too many dogs are being put to sleep every day in several European countries just because they are regarded as "disposable". There are no animal welfare laws protecting them, preventing irresponsible breeding practices nor punishing abandonment and abuse.


All we want is to save their lives by taking them off the streets or buying them back from killing stations where they would die in fear and loneliness. They are often considered by their "owners" as too gentle for guarding the farm, too slow for hunting, too big, too small, too playful, not playful enough, basically a burden; for all these non-sense reasons they are abandoned in killing stations where they are meant to be put down unless some organization pays for their ransom. 


Living conditions in the killing station are appalling. Dogs often do not  have the chance to go out for a walk and socialize with other animals. They eat little and do not receive proper medical treatment. That's why after rescuing them, we place them in care homes or shelters where they can fully recover before travelling to their new forever homes. 


As rescue association we try to save as many dogs as possible and work hard to rehome them all in countries where national animal protection laws are stricter and where we stand more chances to find caring and loving families for them. 


We are a licensed no profit organisation and we collaborate only with legally registered foreign associations that have stood the test of time and have proved to be trustworthy, fair and with no aim in mind but saving as many lives as possible.



At the moment we work with rescues in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece, Italy and are open to new collaborations.